We desire long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. So, right from the start, we begin learning your business so we can offer suggestions for improvement in the accounting, bookkeeping and financial areas.

Tax Audit Protection

The possibility of an audit can not be eliminated altogether, but issues that arouse unwanted attention can be modified to minimize this risk. We examine the following areas and make recommendations to help eliminate the distraction and expense of an audit at your business:

  • Exempt and non-exempt employees
  • Personal monetary expenditures
  • Auto allowance issues
  • Payroll tax issues


Custom Spreadsheets and Management Reporting

Your business is unique, and for this reason often "off-the-shelf" software does not provide the specialized information you need or report it in a readily comprehendible manner. So, we create special information reporting formats that present the information you need to you precisely at the time you need it. This service leverages your valuable time and greatly strengthens your business.

Job Cost Accounting and Reporting

Unless you capture all of the costs included in the delivery of your products or services, you can not be assured that pricing is established in a manner to deliver the desired profits. We provide you with a format for ensuring that your pricing covers all of your costs and plans for the desired level of profits. Timely and accurate reporting of job or project profits allows you to make critical adjustments expediently to stay on track with budget and profit goals.

Inventory Control

Having a system of controlling your inventory is essential to productivity, profitability and good cash flow. We provide you with systems that minimize excess stock, and provide physical controls of your inventory.

Management Consulting

We offer years of successful experience in working with companies to improve their performance. During this time, we have capably assisted a diverse group of owners and managers to overcome obstacles impeding their success. So, we offer a very broad knowledge base. If you have special issues of concern, we are probably positioned to help you. In the event your need is beyond the scope of our experience, we can direct you to capable assistance through our business associates. In this event, you will only be referred to someone with whom we have prior direct experience and have observed first-hand their abilities to deliver required solutions. Naturally, we will gladly stay involved during this process to assure your complete satisfaction. For additional information, please contact us.

Tailored Support for Individual Needs

for busy people on-the-go and those desiring a more disciplined approach to their personal finances, we provide specialized personal bookkeeping services. If you desire, we can begin by helping you establish an individual or family budget. By committing the budget to our software, timely reporting can occur, allowing you to stay on track with spending and saving goals, for example. We can also organize and pay bills, categorize credit card entries and reconcile bank accounts. These services can be scheduled to occur routinely to further promote peace-of-mind and insure that required actions are taken - even while you're away.

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